MATRIX Testnet Wallet

How to Apply

With the testnet underway, the team continues to put the MATRIX AI Network through its paces. Part of this plan includes rolling out more and more features. Next up? The MATRIX Online Wallet!

Testing and refining this online wallet – like many things in the blockchain space – is something best done as a group. Luckily, signing up is incredibly easy!

Step 1

Go to and set up a MATRIX testnet wallet. A setup manual is available here.

Step 2

Send your brand new Testnet Wallet Address to Do not send your regular wallet address. Indicate that you would like to apply for test coins by writing something along the lines of "I would like to apply for test coins. Here is my MATRIX test wallet address: xxx."

Step 3

Wait patiently while the MATRIX team selects volunteers and issues test coins to the chosen testnet wallet accounts. MATRIX will allocate each selected user 100,000 test tokens. These test coins are not regular MAN tokens. During this initial test, no more than 1000 volunteers will be selected.

Step 4

The MATRIX team will reply to selected volunteers with a transaction hash. Volunteers can query this transaction hash on the MATRIX Blockchain Browser to confirm that the test coins are received. Alternatively, volunteers will be able to search for their MATRIX test wallet address.

Step 5

Have fun! The test coins can be used to complete one-to-one and one-to-many transfers. They can also be used to complete contract transactions, message transactions, ipfs transactions, AI-server transactions, pose detection transactions, object detection transactions, deposit transactions and more!

And that's all there is to it! Happy testing!

IMPORTANT: There are bound to be unexpected surprises during this testing phase. Sending an email does not guarantee you will be issued test tokens. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE YOUR PERSONAL WALLET DURING THIS TEST.