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Transforming Brain Waves into CODE with AI

AvI is short for Avatar Intelligence. While AI focuses on training machines to have similar capacities as human beings, AvI aims to realize the scenario imagined by the Matrix films where human brain is uploaded to the Internet, or where a program identical to a user's brain is created on the Internet.

Distribution of Neural Data on Matrix Blockchain

Matrix 3.0 will build a general-purpose platform around Avatar Intelligence. Any user can use the tools on Matrix to upload and store their brain wave data to create their individual avatars through Avatar Intelligence powered by Matrix’s distributed computing.

Complete control of
Digital Avatar

Everyone will have his/her own digital avatar in the Metaverse. This avatar can be used to live life and do various tasks in the Metaverse under users authorisation. This is the ultimate use scenario of the Metaverse.



Core functions of Matrix 2.0 will be perfected so that the hardware requirement of AvI can be met. At the same time, basic brain electric signals will be stored to set up preliminary avatars.


Users brain wave data can be uploaded through wearable devices to create the foundation of avatars. Users can interact with these avatars.


Connecting to deep brain signals to receive AvI data. Basic interactions among AvIs and the transfer of AvI across different networks will be supported.


Better algorithms will allow users to create perfect AvI to create value in the Metaverse on their behalf. The ecosystem surrounding AI 2.0 will also further improve.

Core Tasks of Phase 1

The Matrix AI Network makes artificial intelligence accessible to everything!



Fast and Secure

Hybrid PoW/PoS

Blockchain for

The Matrix 1.0 blockchain platform is the first AI-optimised blockchain platform. Low transaction speeds, lack of security, the complexity of usage, and squandered resources are four key concerns in blockchain that we address with AI technology. We built a public blockchain platform that is both functional and dependable.
The Matrix 2.0 is constructing a blockchain-based AI economy based on data, computer power, and AI models. We're building a self-evolving AI platform with aggregated processing power, safe data management, transparent data sharing, and access to an ever-growing set of on-chain AI data, models, and applications.

In union there is strength

Mr. Tao holds a dual bachelor’s degree in Physics and Economics from Peking University. He has served as CEO of several high-tech start-ups and has abundant experience managing the development of new products and Internet technologies. Noteworthy achievements including leading the development of a 3D virtual community as well as establishing China’s first embedded game advertising system. Mr. Tao also led the development and operation of China’s first cross-border e-commerce platform; which acquired 20 million users worldwide.
Owen Tao
Professor Deng is an Associate Professor at the School of Software, Tsinghua University (清华大学软件学院), where he has served as faculty member since 2008. Professor Deng’s research interests include machine learning, industry data analytics and computer architecture. He has authored over 50 papers. His textbook, “Structural VLSI Design and High-Level Synthesis,” is used by Tsinghua and other universities. Professor Deng has served as Principal Investigator (PI) and Co-PI for numerous national level research projects. Since 2016, he has served as Vice Principle Architect of China Railway Rollingstock Corporation’s Prognostics Health Management for High-Speed Trains Project. Professor Deng’s work on deep-learning based image detection was ranked #1 in many prestigious challenges including PASCAL VOC and VSCOCO; beating out teams from Google, Intel, Facebook and Microsoft. He has received numerous awards including “Best Paper” at the International Conference on Computer Design in 2013, the “NVIDIA Partnership Professor” Award and the Tsinghua University “Key Talent” Award.
Steve Deng
CHIEF AI Scıentıst
Mr Eric CHOY is a blockchain enthusiast. Upon graduating with degrees of BEng and MPhil from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, he has obtained 18 years of solid experience in Technology, Innovation, Marketing and Education sectors. He has run successful marketing, content and localization strategies for many global top-tiered clients. Eric is channelling his passion into Matrix with a mission to bridge the project team with the community in terms of branding, content, community and technology education.
Eric Choy
Blockchain full stack engineer with over 10 years solid experience in software and hardware development. Wayne took a leadership role in the architecture design and full stack development in various tech companies. Mr. Yuan spearheaded several blockchain-related development ventures. He is in charge of all things related to the chain of Matrix.
Wayne Yuan
As the marketing director of MATRIX AI Network, Ken has nine-year experience in International marketing and community management. He has diversified channels of International marketing and maintains his own network with figures in the field of commence, politics and media in European and Southeast Asia areas.
MarketIng DIrector
Ethan is the vice president of operations of MATRIX AI Network. Graduating from Peking University, Ethan once worked as senior R&D engineer in Microsoft. He has extensive experience in the development of large-scale software systems, computing platforms and multiple blockchain projects.
Ethan Tian
Product Director
Sercan graduated from Anadolu University, Computer Programming, a seasoned community builder with a passion for blockchain technology, has formed strong connections within the crypto industry over the years, and has a deep understanding of the psychology of crypto communities. With excellent communication skills and a knack for manpower management, he is known for his helpful and approachable nature. In addition to his expertise in networking and community building, Sercan is a valuable asset to the Matrix team looking to strengthen their online community and drive engagement.
Sercan Muslu
Head of community
Umit graduated from Istanbul University, Electronics and Communication Engineering. Umit is a skilled social media manager and internet advertiser with a talent for creating strong brand identities. Has a track record of successfully developing and implementing social media strategies that drive engagement and increase brand awareness.
Umit Bayrakdar
head of Social media
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why does MATRIX exist?

    The development of blockchain is held back by three obstacles:

    • Slowness: MATRIX AI aims to address the issue of slowness in traditional blockchain platforms by using a unique hybrid consensus mechanism that combines elements of both Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithms. This allows for faster transaction speeds and increased scalability.

    • Security Issues: MATRIX AI also aims to address security issues by using advanced AI technologies to detect and prevent malicious attacks on the network, such as identifying and blocking suspicious transactions. Additionally, the platform uses advanced encryption and secure communication protocols to protect user data and transactions.

    • Impact on environment: MATRIX AI also addresses the environmental impact by using a consensus algorithm that is energy-efficient. This is achieved by using a hybrid consensus mechanism combining PoW and PoS which is a more energy-efficient compared to traditional PoW-based blockchains, which require significant amounts of energy to maintain and secure the network.

  • What is the vision and mission of Matrix?

    Vision: To build a decentralized auto-functioning AI economy


    • Stage One: Highly efficient blockchain platform

    • Stage Two: Decentralized cloud computing platform

    • Stage Three: Digital asset authentication platform/Digital asset trading platform

  • What are main features of MATRIX?

    Thanks to fast-growing AI technologies, MATRIX offers unique features as follows.

    • SAFER: Making blockchains more robust under malicious attacks.

    • FASTER: Enabling faster transactions and higher processing throughput.

    • MORE FLEXIBLE: Seamless integration of public and private chains with the capability of adaptive optimization.

  • What are the features of MAN coin?

    • Utilization: MAN coins can be used to participate in the network's consensus process, pay for transaction fees, and access advanced AI services on the MATRIX AI Network.

    • Governance: MAN coin holders have the right to participate in the governance of the MATRIX AI Network, including voting on protocol updates and other important decisions.

    • Staking: MAN coin holders can stake their coins to earn rewards by participating in the network's consensus process.

    • Liquidity: MAN coins are traded on several cryptocurrency exchanges, providing liquidity for investors.

    • Security: The MATRIX AI Network uses advanced security measures to protect the network and user's assets.

    • Scalability: The MATRIX AI Network aims to provide high scalability, allowing for faster and more efficient transactions.

    • Decentralization: The MATRIX AI Network is decentralized, allowing for a more secure and transparent way to conduct transactions and access AI services.

    • AI integration: The MATRIX AI Network uses advanced AI technologies to improve network performance and security, as well as to provide access to AI services.

  • Where can I get $MAN coins?

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