AI + ASC: The Future of DeFi (part 4)

A Broader Market

APEX sets precedence by offering country/region-specific ASCs suited for local users’ needs. By adopting APEX ASCs for the pricing and settlement of services on Matrix, we lower the barrier for people in different markets to take advantage of what Matrix has to offer.

Fresh Blood for Matrix

The broad market access of APEX is a strength in building a global community and user base, and the partnership with APEX will also channel fresh blood into Matrix’s ecosystem. This will not only be limited to user growth, but APEX’s influence in different countries and regions may bring more side benefits for Matrix. For instance, with the promotion of AINR in India, the country’s reservoir of AI scientists could add to MANAS’s pool of AI talents and services.

AI + DeFi = Endless Possibilities

The integration with APEX will fill up a gap in Matrix’s DeFi ecosystem. While thanks to Matrix, APEX too will gain unprecedented momentum from the synergy of AI and DeFi.

This ecosystem will have the potential of spawning many unique and flexible DeFi products.

For instance, an AI-based ETF:

Or an AI-based modularized DeFi derivative platform:

Starting from the integration of AI and DeFi, Matrix and APEX will pioneer the next round of explosive growth of the DeFi market.