Developer Teams


    MATRIX AI Lab, founded by Professor Steve Deng, is mainly involved in the development of AI Apps and AI-empowered blockchain technologies.

  • MATRIX Space

    MATRIX Space, founded by Bill Li, is tasked with designing MATRIX core network structure and protocol, as well as developing open networks and APIs.

  • Higgs

    Higgs Network Lab is dedicated to developing core functions such as cross-chain transfer of data and assets.

  • Bayes Lab

    Bayes Lab is responsible for analyzing the digital market and turning MATRIX AI technologies into mature financial products.

  • Bit Space

    Bit Space is dedicated to AI-based algorithm optimization and product development in financial scenarios such as quantitative trading.

  • Dot Inside

    Dot Inside is responsible for optimizing, promoting and commercializing AI algorithms for medical use.

  • ManGo Lab

    ManGo Lab specializes in digital asset safety and crypto-wallet products.

  • AI Miner

    AI Miner is dedicated to developing AI chips and building a compute distribution network.

  • Insease

    Insease is committed to the development of software and hardware facilities that integrate MATRIX technologies into industry networks.

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