MANAS Ecosystem


MANAS' Advantage

  • Computing power, data and algorithmic models for profit
  • Customized algorithmic models
  • Lower cost to access AI services
  • Easy programming with machine learning

How to Use AI Services on MANAS

  • Integrating

    After purchase, you can download an SDK and integrate into your codes. The service is ready to use.

  • Testing

    Services can be found using Search on the AI Transaction Platform. Users upload texts or photos as parameters and try these services for free.

  • Deploying and Publishing

    Developers can deploy the algorithmic model onto a cloud platform.

  • Purchasing

    If people decide to purchase a service after trying it, they can choose to pre-purchase multiple uses of the service.


MANTA, a Machine Learning Platform built on MATRIX

MANTA is an auto-machine learning platform built on MATRIX Mainnet. It enables people with no background in AI to perform machine learning on a MATRIX node to get the AI models they need.



The commercialization of the “Big Threes” of AI (compute, data and algorithms) is the driving force behind its development.



How are MANAS NFTs different from other NFTs?

The single biggest difference is that MANNA NFTs’ value is back by the corresponding algorithmic models. Algorithmic models can generate a profit for their owners every time someone uses them. Aside from normal value creation, this is an additional source of revenue that sets MASO NFT apart.

MANAS is an open-source AI platform. We offer public API portals and allow people to host MANAS on their own platforms and make a profit from the price difference.