APEX: AI-Algorithmic-Stablecoin-to-Foreign-Currency Exchange Protocol(Part 3)

Governance Token—AX

AX is APEX’s governance token. It grants voting power regarding 1. the addition of a new algorithmic stablecoin, 2. the increase or decrease of staking pools and the adjustment of stake percentage, and 3. the extent and frequency of stake percentage adjustments in inflationary and deflationary cycles.

In the genesis stage, a total of 100 million AX will be issued, and for every new algorithmic stablecoin added, an extra 30 million AX will be issued. As the demand for algorithmic stablecoins grows, AX will be on a deflationary trend.

AX’s market value is bolstered by APEX seignorage as well as the cash flow from minting and redemption fees. An increase in net value also will happen when unused stakes are used. At the same time, AX plays an important role in stabilizing the market. As the market value of AX increases, so does the stability of the system get strengthened.

Cross-Chain AI Transaction

A cross-chain router hub supports the exchange of algorithmic stablecoins on APEX or between APEX and other blockchain platforms. When a transaction request is launched, the oracle machine will snatch real-time price information from the liquidity pools on different blockchains. Combining all information, Matrix’s AI stablecoin exchange protocol will help users find the best price and pick the optimal transaction route. Once a transaction is confirmed, users pay with stablecoins they have on one blockchain and receive stablecoins on the target blockchain.

AI Quantitative Trading

As APEX hosts multiple algorithmic stablecoins whose price movements create opportunities for arbitrage in a market that is open 24/7, a quantitative trading strategy tool based on Matrix AI will be provided for users.

APEX’s AI quantitative trading works through trial and error to track the price movements of different algorithmic stablecoins. It helps users take control of trading by making strictly followed strategies and monitoring their results.

APEX Derivative Platform


By the time there are at least five different algorithmic stablecoins on APEX, the platform will launch APEX ETF, an investable asset whose price follows a composite index tracking the market value of every stablecoin traded on APEX. This index will reflect the stablecoin market’s overall trend.

APEX Perpetual Swap

Perpetual swap is a decentralized perpetual contract that supports all types of assets. It is made possible through virtual AMM. Like with Uniswap, traders can trade with virtual AMM when there are no counterparties. Virtual AMM is market neutral and adopts a full-stake mechanism. It sets the predictable price of an underlying using constant product to guarantee liquidity onchain.

Perpetual Swap allows users to

long or short any type of asset;

make trades with up to 10 times leverage;

trade 100% onchain;

make 100% non-custodial transactions.