AIRTIST—Matrix’s Great Venture into AI Art (2/4)

What is AIRTIST?

AIRTIST is the combination of two words: AI and artist. As the name suggests, AIRTIST is an AI artist, a distributed program that uses AI algorithms for art creation. We use deep neural networks to create AIRTIST, and every AIRTIST is operated by an independent deep neural network. To guarantee AI artists and their works are decentralized, these deep neural networks will be deployed on the blockchain.

After an AI artist has been created, users can use distributed computing power to run the DNN corresponding to the AI artist to create artworks.

Depending on the type of art, AIRTIST will create four kinds of AI artists: PAINTER, MUSICAIN, DESAIGNER and WRAITER. AI artists will branch out into more art forms in the future.

Why do people need AIRTIST?

AIRTIST will transform the current art NFT market in three ways:

1. Solving the problem of trust between online and offline parties which troubles conventional art NFTs:b Conventional art NFT are created by human artists in the real world. Therefore, both the digital artworks and their artists are centralized. The transactions of these artworks invariably take place at centralized exchanges, which is at odds with the ideal of decentralization that blockchain represents. On the contrary, AI artists’ works, from their creation to their storage and transaction are all decentralized, which perfectly solves the problem of trust during NFT trading.

2. Lowers the entry barrier for the NFT market: In the current art NFT market, artworks are created by a minority of people, while the average person has no way to own an artwork except by paying the costly price to buy one. The arrival of AIRTIST allows everyone to own his/her independent artist. Besides buying and selling, oridinary users can create their own art NFTs, which will find their way into the market. This is expected to make the current market size many times larger.

3. Bringing deceased masters back to life: Through machine learning, AIRTIST can master the styles of deceased artists such as Van Gogh or Monet. The world will marvel at new masterpieces from these deceased giants.

Work by an AI Artist trained using Vincent van Gogh’s works

AIRTIST and Matrix

AIRTIST has three core components: AI artist, art creation and art circulation (minting NFTs, buying and selling). Among these, AI artists and art creation will happen on the Matrix Mainnet, while the circulation part will take place on Ethereum.

Why choose Matrix?

Matrix AI Network is a highly efficient blockchain empowered by AI. Here are some of Matrix’s features that will benefit AIRTIST as well as AI art creation.

1. Compatibility with IPFS: Distributed storage is the fundamental storage facility for NFT, and the Matrix Mainnet is already perfectly compatible with IPFS. Through future protocol updates, Matrix will also support Filecoin and other distributed storage platforms.

2. Distributed Computing Power Platform: Matrix provides a distributed computing power platform, which will guarantee sufficient high-quality computing power for the creative work of AI artists.

3. Algorithm Authentication Platform: The Matrix Mainnet supports algorithm authentication and minting algorithms into NFTs, which protects the intellectual property of AI artists who train DNN.

AIRTIST—Matrix’s Great Venture into AI Art (1/4)

AIRTIST—Matrix’s Great Venture into AI Art (3/4)

AIRTIST—Matrix’s Great Venture into AI Art (4/4)