Adding Confirmation Procedure When Staking

Dear Community Members,

In January AMA, EbMagic has a suggestion as follow :

‘adding an extra confirmation step to accept or reject the transaction when staking in a joint mining pool. At the minute you click on “join mining” and then a popup confirming or asking you to confirm (only option available) pops up. It would be nice if the pop up showed a summary of the transaction that is about to be performed, along with an option to accept or reject the transaction.” This is something major for the users, would you consider that?’

And Owen mentioned, ‘Yeah I think that’s a very good suggestion. I will ask our technology team to add this function to our wallet as soon as possible.’

The function is on. Please refer to the self-explanatory screen cap as below.

Thanks EbMagic for this suggestion.

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Enjoy the adventure with MATRIX.