Announcement of AMA Winners with Matrix AI Network Vietnam Community

Many of you attended the Matrix AI Network Vietnam Telegram AMA on July 28, so the AMA was a huge success. Thanks again to everyone who showed interest and participated.

Many people left questions. "We are really sorry that we could not choose all of you”.

We are pleased to announce the Winners of the AMA we organized with the Vietnam Community on July 28, 2022.

Congratulations to the winners whose names appear on the list, the Matrix AI Network Vietnam community will share a total of 10,000 MAN Prizes for the 10 winners:

Please DM your newly created MAN wallet address @MATRIX_CMTO latest by 4th August (GMT+8) to claim your prize. Late submission will be seen as not proceeding with the prize.


The Award Distribution date is approximately August 5th. Congratulations.

  AMA English Summary Link:

AMA Vietnamese  Summary Link:


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