Appointment of Country Ambassadors

Dear Matrix Community,

As part of our ongoing effort to grow Matrix on a global scale, we have launched Country Ambassador Scheme early this month. We have received 30 applications to take up the challenge. After a brief test and a conversation, we are pleased to announce the appointment of five Country Ambassadors (alphabetic order) :

1. Chadwin, a medical doctor by profession and crypto fan by passion. He will take charge of South Africa.

2. Chris and Francois are brothers. They have various crypto resources to contribute. They will take care of the French market.

3. Frederick, an early adopter of blockchain/crypto who has community resources to bring to the table. He will lead the markets in Belgium and Netherland.

4. Selami, a passionate Matrix supporter. He has been working days and nights for about 3 years committing to bringing Matrix to a new level. He will spearhead the Turkey market.

5. Touha, who has a combination of technical knowledge and rendered relentless supports for testnet and mainnet. He is logical and will be in charge of the Indian market.

For those who are not appointed, it does not mean anything about your capability. This is a pilot scheme and we shall see how we can improve at a later stage.

If anyone in the community have any resources or ideas that can help grow MATRIX, please do send an email to

Being a Country Ambassador is about duty and fulfillment. They are the true brave warrior with integrity in this crypto era. Please join us to give them a big applause.