Appointment of Managers

As a part of our Community and Content strategy, we are excited to have three talents joining the team. For details, please refer to below (in alphabetical order) :

DJ Lee, Content Manager. He has a Degree in Mechanical Engineering and is a hardcore MATRIX enthusiast. His main job is about Education writing articles for the mass audience featuring what it is, what does it mean and why should I care.

Ferran, Social Media Manager. He is passionate about blockchain technology and has been following MATRIX since day 1. As the SMM, he will be taking care of official social media accounts in YouTube, Twitter, Telegram and Medium with posts, policing and online events. His job is about Engagement and Communication Bridge relaying concerns to the project team.

Sean, Influencer Marketing Manager. He is a blockchain tech investor with a youtube channel about cryptocurrency. His job is about Publicity reaching to influencers to promote MATRIX globally.

With the five Country Ambassadors and these three Managers, we believe there will be improvement in the areas of Community, Communication and Content. All of the eight talents will start from 1 June. Please offer them supports so that they can discharge their duty properly.

Lastly, if you wish to contribute to MATRIX with your expertise and resources, please do feel free to write to us at