Mainnet Performance

Validation node: 87

Mining node: 1517

New wallets added: 299

Project Update

Designed a solution for using finger veins to mint NFTs that represent personal identity;

Optimized the data storage solution for the miner election list;

Conducted a thorough test and reappraisal for the security of miner election and block generation;

Completed the stage-one training for five MANAS AI services and commenced their optimization work;

Fixed a few bugs discovered in the MANTA beta test; optimizing the test process;

Trained an AI algorithm for creating profile pictures.


AI-generated Personal Profile Pictures

Profile pictures represent a big part of personal identity in the Metaverse, which is why this is a crowded lane in the NFT market. An innovative reinterpretation of this hot concept, AI-generated profile pictures are Matrix flexing its muscle in the Metaverse arena.