Mainnet Performance

Validation node: 87

Mining node: 1511

New wallets added: 79

Project Update

Optimized the data storage structure for validation nodes;

Optimized the IPFS storage structure for the Matrix Mainnet;

Finished testing AI services on MANAS;

Finished deploying new AI services on MANAS;

Designed the NFT trading process on MANIA and developed its supporting functions;

Deployed on MANTA a test network integrating mining machines;

Structurally optimized MANTA for the first group of users.


MANTA shares its structural design with the community.

As the computing power outlet of Matrix AI Network, MANTA plays a vital role in the ecosystem. Now that we have our first group of external users, Matrix miners will continue to bring value into the ecosystem. This will benefit the price of MAN and everyone involved.