Mainnet Performance

Validation node: 88

Mining node: 1503

New wallets added: 117

Project Update

Finetuned MANITO's IoT port to meet the requirements of potential partnerships;

Optimized the API network structure of MANAS AI services to improve concurrency;

Completed MANIA's algorithm storage structure for compatibility with mainstream NFT platforms;

Launched the cross-platform minting and trading features of MANIA;

Completed the algorithm structure design to make AIRTIST compatible with MANTA.


Cross-Platform NFT Minting and Trading Features for MANIA

As the cornerstone of the Metaverse, NFT is a highly competitive scene. The arrival of MANIA with imbue NFT with real-world value for the first time, and cross-platform features will create more liquidity. All this makes it easier for algorithm scientists monetize their works, which in turn benefits the AI industry and attracts more talent into the Matrix ecosystem.