Mainnet Performance

Validation node: 88

Mining node: 1463

New wallets added: 48

Project Update

Designed the network structure for accessing MANAS AI services through external platforms;

Completed the structural design for using finger vein recognition on DID applications;

Launched three core functions, including risky behaviour detection, for Unmanned Mine (Matrix’s partnership project with TEBA);

Optimized the encryption algorithms for IPFS storage, improving their security;

Optimized the image categorization module of MANTA, improving MANTA’s efficiency for training image recognition algorithms.


Three new core algorithms are recently launched for the TBEA partnership project.

This week, Matrix finished testing and launched three new core algorithms for the partnership project with TBEA. The new features include risky behaviour detection, equipment life and failure prediction, as well as AI adjustment of coal power generation efficiency. Matrix has successfully developed and launched all core functional modules for the project, and what follows will be the integration and optimization of the entire structure. The TBEA Unmanned Mine plays a crucial role in the energy section of the Belt and Road Initiative. The algorithms and solutions employed in this project stand a good chance of adoption by other Belt and Road projects, once Unmanned Mine is up and running.