Mainnet Performance

Validation node: 87

Mining node: 1453

New wallets added: 307

Project Update

Upgraded the IPFS storage structure of the Matrix Mainnet;

Optimized the IPFS storage structure of the Matrix Mainnet to be compatible with mainstream NFT platforms;

Finished developing the monitoring module for GPU computing power output on the Matrix Mainnet;

Upgraded the API module of MANAS;

Updated the Depth Estimation Application Module of MANTA;

Updated the GPU Resource Monitoring Module of MANTA.


Upgraded IPFS Storage for the Matrix Mainnet

NFT is not only a highly competitive space for tech companies, but also a foundational innovation that makes the Metaverse possible. An upgraded IPFS storage structure will make the Matrix Mainnet compatible with mainstream NFT public chains and trading platforms such as BSC, ETH, OpenSea, etc. This will create more liquidity for algorithm NFTs on MANIA and more ways to profit for AI scientists, thus laying a solid foundation for Matrix's NFT ecosystem.