Mainnet Performance

Validation node: 88

Mining node: 1448

New wallets added: 335

Project Update

Pressure tested 10 MANAS central service API modules;

Developed and tested an API access fee calculation platform for MANAS’s commercial operation;

Developed and tested a backstage API management platform for third-party service providers;

Completed the structural design for MANTA to access authentication algorithms on MANIA;

Updated the assistive testing module of MANTA.


The First Stage of Commercialization for MANAS

MANAS is the gate through which Matrix exports value to the world, and open APIs will be the key to MANAS’s commercial success. Third-party service providers will get to integrate MANAS APIs into their products and pay MANAS by number of client accesses. MANAS will offer tools for third-party providers to manage these APIs backstage.