Mainnet Performance

Validation node: 90

Mining node: 1497

New wallets added: 633

Project Update

Upgraded the Mainnet’s IPFS port and NFT protocol to support cross-chain minting and transfer to mainstream blockchain platforms;

Upgraded the Matrix Mainnet’s IPFS protocol to support data storage;

Upgraded MANIA to support the data authentication and NFT minting on the Mainnet;

Upgraded the IPFS port of the Matrix Mainnet to support minting data into NFT on different blockchain platforms;

Completed tests on accessing MANTA operation algorithms through smart contracts;

Completed tests where specific MANIA algorithms were run by MANTA on Matrix’s distributed miners.


The Matrix Mainnet now supports data authentication and NFT minting.

Data is a fundamental raw material into the era of AI. It is also the most important form of asset for the Metaverse. By supporting data authentication and NFT minting, Matrix is ushering in a new age when data can truly be viewed as asset. In the future, Matrix will pioneer more innovations and updates surrounding the conversion of data into NFT, which will involve the adoption of distributed data access training, homomorphic encryption and other cutting-edge technologies.