Mainnet Performance

Validation node: 92

Mining node: 1126

New wallets added: 69

Project Update

Work with matured platforms for NFT trading – 70%

—Added more compatible NFT platforms;

—Began the development work for compatibility with Solana ports and IPFS upgrade;

Focus of the next phase:

—Supporting NFT minting on Solana;

—Supporting Polygon and other public chains;

—Supporting more mainstream NFT platforms.

An ecosystem of NFT for the trading of computing power, algorithmic models and data – 45%

—Deployed the first ecosystem app (demo) featuring NFTized algorithms/data/computing power and equity split;

—Upgraded the distributed storage format for algorithms and data to improve their security;

Focus of the next phase:

—Allowing computing power from devices other than mining machines to enter the ecosystem in future updates;

—Developing more ecosystem apps and finding more partnerships based on the above feature.

Generalized automatic machine learning – 35%

—Assisted in the deployment of the first distributed AI computing ecosystem app (demo);

—Completed the optimization and upgrading work of MANTA to support DNN models;

Focus of the next phase:

—Developing and testing multi-task deployments;

—Developing and testing compatibility with mainstream hardware;

—Upgrading to support any universal machine learning algorithm.


—Introducing finger vein recognition for signing algorithms and personal data;

—Mobile wallet app (alpha version) completed by our ecosystem team and about to enter the first round of testing.