Mainnet Performance

Validation node: 93

Mining node: 1131

New wallets added: 52

Project Update

Work with mature platforms for NFT trading – 75%

—Finished part of the R&D work for IPFS upgrading as well as for ports supporting the onchain minting and transaction of Solana;

Focuses of the Next Phase

—Supporting minting NFT using Solana;

—Supporting Polygon and other public chains;

—Supporting more mainstream NFT platforms.

An ecosystem of NFT for the trading of computing power, algorithmic models and data – 55%

—Offered tech support for the first Matrix ecosystem app demo featuring the NFTizing and equity split of algorithms, data and computing power;

Focuses of the Next Phase

—Opening up computing power access features to allow devices other than mining machines to contribute to Matrix AI Network;

—Developing more ecosystem apps and partnerships based on this feature.

Generalized automatic machine learning – 45%

—Deployed the demo version of the first ecosystem app which utilizes distributed AI computing;

—Began optimizing and upgrading MANTA for GAN.

Focuses of the Next Phase

—Getting more ecosystem apps and partners to use MANTA for infrastructure;

—Distributed training and operation support testing for some smart city algorithms;

—Development and testing for multi-node task deployment;

—Development and testing of compatibility updates for mainstream hardware;

—Algorithm models supporting any general type of machine learning.


The Matrix ecosystem developer team has finished the initial testing of the new smartphone wallet and started its optimization work.

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