Mainnet Performance

Validation node: 94

Mining node: 1131

New wallets added: 67

Project Update

An ecosystem of NFT for the trading of computing power, algorithmic models and data – 67%

— Found the first business partner to try out algorithm model NFT trading for commercial use in the near future;

— Completed the new framework design to allow computing power from more sources to join Matrix;

Focuses of the Next Phase:

— Upgrading and opening up for computing power from other sources than mining machines to join Matrix;

— Developing more ecosystem apps and partnerships based on this new feature.

Generalized automatic machine learning – 55%

— Upgraded MANTA’s algorithmic structure to support Auto-ML algorithms;

— Found the first business partner to try out MANTA’s distributed machine learning for commercial use in the near future;

— Introduced a series of smart-city algorithms and supported their auto-training and distributed operation;

— Began optimising and upgrading MANTA to support GAN.

Focuses of the Next Phase:

— Finding more ecosystem apps and partners interested in using MANTA for infrastructure;

— Developing and testing task deployment among multiple nodes;

— Developing and testing compatibility expansions with mainstream hardware;

— Supporting all types of universal Auto-ML algorithms.


— All function modules of the new mobile wallet completed by the Matrix ecosystem team, now about to enter beta testing;

— New mobile wallet interface being designed.