Mainnet Performance

Validation nodes: 81

Mining nodes: 1382

New wallets added: 663

Project Update

-Designed the MANAS algorithm service provider contract;

-Designed the functional module framework for algorithm service providers on MANAS;

-Designed the framework for image categorization-based network structure search on MANTA;

-Designed the MANTA distributed data parallel algorithm;

-Delivered four core functional modules for the TEBA AI Mine project;

-Introduced APEX into the Matrix ecosystem, making Matrix more powerful in the area of DeFi;

-Formed a strategic partnership with LemoChain to tap into the Indian market.


The past two weeks saw the launch of core functional modules for the TEBA AI Mine project.

The cooperative project with TEBA is MANITO’s very first pilot project. It also marks the beginning of Matrix participation in B&R in Xinjiang. The delivery of the core modules is a milestone in the partnership between MANITO and B&R.