Mainnet Performance

Validation node: 86

Mining node: 1522

New wallets added: 788

Project Update

—Launched MANIA beta test version;

—Fixed a bug that causes certain algorithm files to be incompatible with NFT minting on MANIA;

—Deployed a deduction training module named Depth Estimation on MANTA;

—Added a log management function on MANTA;

—Launched a platform for monitoring training progress on MANTA;

—Entered into a strategic partnership with AU79 Ventures;

—Entered into a strategic partnership with Crypto Tavern.


Matrix has entered into a strategic partnership with AU79 Ventures.

AU79 Ventures is a growing crypto fund focusing on NFT, blockchain gaming and Metaverse, having established close ties with a number of blockchain game developers and gaming communities. The partnership with AU79 will add to the Matrix ecosystem. The integration of AI with Metaverse and blockchain gaming will become a major source of traffic for Matrix in the future.