Mainnet Performance

Validation node: 87

Mining node: 1539

New wallets added: 1403

Project Update

Released an update to fix a malfunction in the monitoring system for the Mainnet browser;

Fixed a time block syncing bug in the blacklisting mechanism for election on the Mainnet;

Finished the DNN network designs for five MANAS AI services and started training the services;

Designed the AutoML framework for image classification and depth estimation on MANTA;

Launched two new core modules for the TEBA Unmanned Mine;

Formed a strategic partnership with JoyBox.


MANTA AutoML Framework

We are providing two distributed AutoML miners on MANTA for AI scientists and app developers. They are able to use their own datasets to train AI algorithms for image classification and depth estimation to suit their specific needs. This will drastically improve the efficiency of algorithm scientists’ work.