Chinese New Year Event 2

Dear All,

This is the part 2 and last part of the MANIA demonstration illustrating trading on BSC. It is the third day of the Chinese New Year, and we decide to have the second event with mechanism about the same as yesterday.

Please do the three steps as listed below:

1. retweet this twitter messages, and

2. comment on the tweet by stating the 4-word secret code embedded at this video (see this tweet message and browse through). Hint: Each of the four words starts with K, H, F, C.

3. screen cap your twitter comment and paste in this group by 2359 of 4th February Beijing Time (GMT+8).

We shall give away 88 MAN coins to the first 150 valid entries. The prize should be delivered around 10th February.

LASTLY, for valid entries of yesterday and today event, their prizes will be doubled. Example,

88 (for video 1 in yesterday event )+88 (for video 2 in today's event)=176 MAN Coins

176*2=352 MAN Coins

Have fun.