Transcript of MATRIX December Monthly AMA with CEO Owen TAO

MatriX CEO: Owen TAO

Matrix CMTO : Eric CHOY

Eric CHOY :Hello Matrix comunity members, this is December, end of 2021, and I hope you have enjoyed a very good holidays with your beloved ones. Did you miss our Gleam event, and did you watch our Christmas videos?

If you haven’t, please visit our Youtube link and also our Telegram main group to have the details of that, and we will have more events upcoming. Today is the 28th of December, and as usual, we’re having this AMA with our Ceo Mr. Owen TAO, to join us. Hi Owen.

Owen TAO: Hi Eric, hi community.

Eric CHOY : Ok.Good to have you here and thanks for your time. So how was your holiday ? I mean your Christmas holidays, how is it in China and how did you spend your holidays with your family ?

Owen TAO : I think that due to the Covid-19 there are not many people in the street, and during the holidays, I took my daughter to join an event which allows the children to work together to build a Christmas tree, and everyone made some Christmas lights by themselves. I think it’s very interesting, yeah.

Eric CHOY :Okay, good, so you have a daughter.Okay, good. You must be a good father too ! Alright. So I would like to divide this AMA video into two sections.

The section one is about the roadmap and delivery, and then the second part will be about some questions from the community and I hope you can enlighten us. So, let’s start with the easy one, the roadmap one. So, for December we are at stage 3 of our roadmap, so we have a couple of things to deliver. Could you advise us about how is it going with all the deliverables? Number one is the ten AI applications on MANAS. Could you update us on that please?

Owen TAO :Yes. The first important part of stage 3 is MANAS. We have already finished the ten artificial intelligence applications on the MANAS platform. And after we launch it, we will invite the community to join our testing work. After testing work, we would like to open this version of MANAS to the public for business use.

Eric CHOY :Okay that’s good, so, aside from the five AI applications that we have made available for testing to the community members, we have another five, so a total of ten AI applications that we have finished developing and put on MANAS already. And as usual, the community will welcome you to join us to test the total of ten applications.We will have annoucements on that, so stay tuned for that. The second thing is about MANTA. Could you speak about the second item, that is the MANTA ripple available on Matrix platform?

Owen TAO : In the last quarter, MANTA has been tested by the community and also some people who have some AI background. And we have collected a lot of good suggestions. We will select someone to improve the MANTA system for us. And another good news is that MANTA will be used by some potential partners. There are some university labs that want to use the MANTA system and also ecosystem projects such as AIRTIST. In order to best fit such things, we will internally fine-tune the whole system to adapt to such user requirements. Therefore, we will adjust the official launch of MANTA. I think it is not a delay before the official launch. If anyone of the community or other potential partners would like to test or use MANTA, we welcome them to join us.

Eric CHOY :Okay so, in a nutshell, MANTA is ripple on the mainnet, but we haven’t officially launched it yet because we have to adjust and do some adaptations to the user requirements from the potential partners, such as the universities and also AIRTIST. So they have their use requirements and we want to best fit them, that’s why we have to adjust the official launch schedule. But before then, if you still want to test MANTA or use MANTA, test the platform, we are opened for you to use it, that’s no problem. So that’s about MANTA. And then the third thing is about the authentication platform for MANART. MANART is I think… It’s taken care of by the ecosystem project AIRSTIST. Owen, could you provide more details on that please ?

Owen TAO :Yes. MANART has two core functions. The first one is MANIA and the other one is MANGA. The authentication function has been available in the form of MANIA, which the community has tested back in the last quarter. And we have a good ecosystem planner who saw the beauty of MANART and would like to take up this job and work on AIRTIST, which will take the place of MANGA. I think they will release the official website very soon and give the community more information about this project.

Eric CHOY : Okay that’s good , so, the project team of Matrix will focus on the mainnet. We hand over this AIRTIST to as partner that found the beauty of MANART and they named it as AIRTIST. I think we have an article on the website and on social medias to teach us, so please refer to the AIRTIST articles. It’s very clear and is has a huge potential. So it’s best to rely on a specific and independent project team for that. I think that makes sense. And then, follow on. The NFT traiding platform for MANART, how is it ?

Owen TAO : We have finished the NFT trading function development work for MANIA, and in the future we will release articles to introduce how to mint the NFTs and how to trade them. The trading function for AIRTIST will be developed by the AIRTIST team.

Eric CHOY :Okay, so the trading platform is also available, right? But just like MANTA, we are fine-tuning some user requirements for the best fit for AIRTIST, for the user requirements, is that right ?

Owen TAO :Yeah.

Eric CHOY : Okay, I see, good. So I think AIRTIST will take a huge portion of the job of MANART and we, the Matrix project team, will focus on the development and maintenance of the mainnet.Okay, and last item, synchronization with Filecoin distributed storage platform. I think you have mentioned that in the November AMA, but please advice us on this bit again.

Owen TAO : Yeah. I think we will keep our own IPFS decentralized storage system as usual for a while. We are talking with some other partners who have some good products in decentralized storage, and we have to test all of them, and I think maybe we will choose one of them and maybe we will still keep the IPFS from Matrix. Yes, we will make our choice after doing some more testing work.

Eric CHOY :Okay so, for this part, perhaps Filecoin is not an ideal solition for us. And we have tested several options to replace Filecoin. Then we will contiune to use the IPFS solution, and still we are trying to test others, but this will not affect MANTA, or MANIA, or anything. So, if there is a need to, we will switch to IPFS and test which we will be the ideal solution for us. So yeah, in a nutshell, in stage 3 more than ten AI applications. Okay, we have complated that, and MANTA available on Matrix platform, yes that has been available and we are testing and fine-tunning the functions and features to best fit with the potential partners, such as the universities and also AIRTIST. And likewise, for the authentication platform, for MANTA, and also the NFT trading platform, they are available, we’re fine-tuning, and we will have the article on the NFT trading and also about how to do the minting soon. And for the synchronization with Filecoin, it can be done at any time, but we found this solution is not ideal, and we are testing and we will keep using IPFS for now, and we if we have no defect to the system, the functions of the systems of MANAS, MANIA, etc. And for MANAS, the ten AI applications, we welcome the community members to join us to have fun with the test. And for MANTA, please do use it. If you need it, please let us know. So let’s conclude the first part of this AMA, to sum up deliverables of stage 3. So basically, we are on track. For those which we haven’t officially launched, it’s because we have partners and they have user requirements. We want to perfect it and then afterwards adopt it and we’ll have the official launch for that. So stay tuned for AIRTIST, and we will have updates about the partnerships with the universities from time to time to have transparency for the community members.

Thanks. So shall we go on to part two of this AMA ? Owen, do you need a coffee break ?

Owen TAO :No, it’s okay.

Eric CHOY :It’s okay. All right, so this time, we have about eight questions from the community. And from the questions we can see the trends of the blockchain, or the fintech, shifting from the blockchain technology to metaverse applications. So, we will ask the questions one by one. So question one, Owen. Hello , when will the block production rewards for miners be halved? Halving date known?”. This question is from @omer55. Owen?

Owen TAO :Yeah, I think the next time the rewards for the miners will be reduced, it should happen at block height… With the 9,000,000 block height. The rewards will be reduced by %15. I think it will happen in ten or eleven months.

Eric CHOY :Okay, so about in ten or eleven months it will be halved and the percentage is %15. So for those who raise questions that are selected in the AMA, if we happen to answer your questions not thoroughly, then just keep PM us so that we can give more pictures because from certain words we may not understand %100 but we are willing to go for that and to answer your question. And then the second question is: “Hi Owen. How is work on Q4 roadmap going? Only a month left, will the first version of MANAS and MANTA go live on mainnet this year ? This question was from @TheElk. I think you’ve just covered it, so you may have to repeat your answer.

Owen TAO :Yeah, we have finished the work of MANAS and MANTA this year and MANAS will be business open use after the community testing. Yeah, we went to open testing after we launched this version. For MANTA, in fact we already have some partners who have started to use MANTA and we will not do open business operations before we have finished requirements for the partners who want to wait to make some changes to MANTA, and both of them have been allowed on our mainnet this year.

Eric CHOY :Okay, good, so it’s on mainnet already and up within this year, basically just for a few days now. So, it will be on the mainnet, so no question about that. And the good news is we have the callobration opportunities with the universities and also we have the ecosystem AIRTIST that will makes use of MANTA, the system, so we have to best fit for their user requirements, and that’s it.

Question number three from @amazir. “When can I use my GPU miner on the Matrix Blockchain ?”

Owen TAO :After MANTA officially launches, you will get rewards, when you’re announced the GPU has been used by third parties, yeah.

Eric CHOY :I don’t quite get it, Owen, sorry. Could you give more details on this bit ?

Owen TAO :Yeah, because after MANTA launches, we’ll have some partners who will rent our GPU algortihm power on our mainnet, so if your GPU has been rented by someone, you will get paid by them. That’s how MANTA will run.

Eric CHOY :Okay.So there is not a clear timetable on the when, so-called, but we’ll be live together with MANTA going live, so to speak. So MANTA is now used by AIRTIST, and if I may remember correctly, the website will be released soon right, Owen ?

Owen TAO :Yeah.

Eric CHOY :Good so community, stay tuned for that, and the GPU mining thing will go live together with MANTA.

The next question is : “As a community, we know that our AI is activite in many areas and we have studies. When will we update the data on Coinmarketcap in order to be useful to the community and our project ? What should you update and when will you update the Tags section, such as GameFi , DeFi, Metaverse, Matrix Ecosystem platform? This is from @semihamuslu26.

Owen TAO : Yeah, that’s a good suggestion. We will contact Coinmarketcap to add more targets to our projects. I think the DeFi, the Metaverse, also the AI and the AI and the decentralized computing, I think lots of the targets we will add (them) to Coinmarketcap and I think all of them are suitable for the Matrix project.

Eric CHOY :Okay, good. So we will contact CMC and then update the text and as to when, again, it will depend on CMC, we will contact them and see when they can update for us and we will keep chasing them, pushing them to update. If there’s something we can do in our control, we will definitely go for it. Thanks for your suggestion, @semihamuslu.

A question from @amazir again. Similar question :” Hello Owen. Will validation masternodes use the GPU ? Or will it stay with the CPU only ? Thank you and have a happy holidays.”

Owen TAO :Happy holidays to you too. I think the GPU is not very important for the validator nodes. Yes so I think the CPU is the most important for the validator masternodes. So, I think just staying with the CPU will be fine.

Eric CHOY :So just to be clear, you’re saying to stay with the CPU for now, right ?

Owen TAO :Yeah.

Eric CHOY :Okay, good. So for the GPU thing, that’s it, as you shared earlier, it will go live together with MANTA, right ? When MANTA go live with AIRTIST ?

Owen TAO :Yeah.

Eric CHOY :Okay, good. And go on, question from @dungnb. “As far as I understand, there will be ten applications available this month as planned. Can you share a more detailed plan on how to deploy those apps? Will it be all ten at once or something different ? And how would you think that plan will affect the ecosystem’s situation ? “

Owen TAO : Yeah. I think you can use the MANAS platform, you can use the applications directly on our website, and also you can package the API into your applications or your website to use our artificial intelligence applications. Yeah, there will be ten applications launching on MANAS by the end of this year, and I think in the future, if we will run this business well, there will be lots of clients to use our AI Services and it will give the miners more rewards and also the application developers will get rewards too. And if the applications are developed by us, it means by the Matrix team, all the revenue will be burnt and I think that will reduce the circulation of MAN coins.

Eric CHOY :Okay, I see. That’s clear, so we will have ten applications available at one time so as we mentioned earlier, you are free to test it, just let us know, and we will have an announcement just as usual the important work will be deposited here. And I think that we have mentioned that for the MANAS platform, currently the project team developed the AI applications and in the long run, it depends on AIRTIST and we’d like to develop more Al aplications instead of centralize for this, such as the Matrix project team to give up those. And that makes them very different from us. So you can refer to another article about what Matrix does differently from all other projects and that will give you a clear picture on this. And as how to use it ? You can use it directly on the mainnet and if you’re a merchant or a business, you can use your API to connect to the applications on MANAS. Is it on application, ten applications, developed by the Matrix project team or by the AI scientist who devoloped the algorithms. Feel free to use that and that is part of function of MAN coin and also of the ecosystem. Okay, so that’s all for the questions about the deliveres.

I think there are some questions which are quite interesting. “Currently metaverse platforms are in the limelight. Could you be a future partner in a metaverse project integrated with your AI project? “ Question from @ktataroglu. Interesting right ?

Owen TAO :Yeah, we have some plans in the metaverse and also we have talked with some partners. We can do some things in the metaverse ındustry together. I think maybe in the beginning of 2022 we will release our plan, how will Matrix do in the metaverse, what road will Matrix act and maybe you can get a whole production of Matrix for what we will do in this industry. And I think you will get more details in the near future.

Eric CHOY :I think @ktataroglu raised a very interesting question on the metaverse and the metaverse indeed is a quite strategic area that Matrix will focus on for the coming year, and as a matter of fact, we have been approached by partners and I think yesterday we received a proposal to build a metaverse together with Matrix but it’s just in an early stage and we will not be able to release too much information at the time being. Just stay tuned but I can assure you that the metaverse is quite a strategic area that Matrix will focus on for the year 2022.

And then just on more question. Question from @sercanmuslu. Very interesting. Again it’s about the metaverse. “It would be perfect if the Matrix artificial intelligence could produce virtual people in the Metavese and the produced people were customer representatives. Could you share something concrete with us on the subject of metaverse and what Matrix will do about it ?

Sercan, you are quite a genius. You mentioned the virtual people and that’s something in the proposal that we received. It’s all about that. Okay I will hand over this question to you, Owen.

Owen TAO :Yeah. It’s a very good business idea, I think. That’s what we are planning to do, yeah. There is one listing company in China who was coming to us, to ask if maybe we can build a platform together in the metaverse, which is exactly doing the same as you said, the producing of virtual people , yeah.

I think we would like to continue to make this happen in the future, so maybe we can make it work if we have the deal with this company, maybe we can share more information with you.

Eric CHOY :Yeah, definitely would be a very exciting project aside from AIRTIST. So just stay tuned with use for more updates about AIRTIST and also about the metaverse. The metaverse will be our strategic area that we will focus on for the coming year and likewise, AIRTIST will provide the best support to the ecosystem further on this. So Sercan, we’re in sync. Okay, so I think that’s all for today’s AMA. Thank you Owen for your time and joining this AMA and I’m sure next year 2022 will be more exciting than 2021. Basically 2021, was for us tidy up, to deliver as per the roadmap and for the nex year 2022, we’ll focus on developing something more exciting based on what we have delivered in 2021.

It will be a year more exciting and more fruitful. So please do enjoy the adventure with us. Thank you Owen, thanks to the community for watching this AMA video.

Owen TAO :Thank you Eric. Thank you community and a happy new year to everyone, bye.

Eric CHOY :Bye bye..