Eco Global AMA Transcript

We recently held an AMA detailing a new partnership.

Chadwin: Hello Matrix Community, today is another special day for our community as we welcome a new partner to the Matrix ecosystem, Eco Global.

Eco Global plans to launch Eco DeFi, a renewable energy investment platform, which will use MATRIX’s AI technology. Amongst other things one function would be to create Energy NFTs.

Today we are joined by Mr Cho Haemyung, Chief Solution Officer for Eco Global, and own very own Mr Ken Ma, Head of Marketing Operation at MATRIX, who will be answering some preselected questions gathered from own community over the past few weeks.

Welcome Mr Cho Haemyung and Ken!

Cho: Hi I am the CSO of Eco DeFi. Nice to meet you here.

Ken: Hello community!I’ll always be here

Chadwin: As the focus is Eco Global most of the questions will be for Cho to please answer.

Question 1.
How will Matrix AI Network contribute to Eco Global? Please specify the mutual benefits for both sides.

Cho: There are two aspects we can cooperate.

Ⅰ. Matrix AI technology applies to carbon-neutrality detection in Korea
Ⅱ. ECOP will bring matrix into the BSC loan market, as we know ECOP and MAN both have BSC format, we are going to add MAN in ECOP DeFi.

Chadwin: Thank you. BSC is expanding all the time and glad to see a new use case for BSC MAN and ECOP.

Question 2. Still for Cho.
Which environmentally friendly aspects are gained from this cooperation for Matrix and globally?

Cho: By investing and nurturing the renewable energy industry that does not emit harmful substances to the environment, it does not emit harmful substances and can contribute to the environment.

Chadwin: That is important. Carbon neutrality is a buzz word in today’s world and glad to see the both Eco Global and Matrix are doing their part!

Question 3.
There is much hype around DeFi, could you explain to the layman what DeFi actually means and how MATRIX will benefit from Eco DeFi?

Cho: DeFi is an acronym for decentralized financial system, which provides various financial services using blockchain technology. MATRIX provides an experience that allows investors to use various platforms by collaborating with various blockchain platforms.

Chadwin: Moving on.

Question 4.
Will Eco Global use MANAS AI services?

Cho: EcoGlobal will boost MANAS AI to apply to the detection of carbon emission and other eco-friendly undertakings in Korea.

Chadwin: Awesome! Another use case for MANAS. AI detection of carbon emissions good become a game changer for our polluted environment and glad to hear Eco Global has this as a top priority.

Question 5 for Cho. Ken, you will be next.
Will Eco Global use $MAN? If yes, how will it use it?

Cho: EcoDefi is a lending platform based on BSC, in the future we appeal community to add coins or tokens by polling. MAN is surely in our plan.

Ken: Look forward to that!

Chadwin: I hope so! Your community are always welcome here to learn more about MAN.

Cho: Sure. We will promote the characteristics of Eco Global to various real-time communities operated by Matrix.

Chadwin: Question 6. For Ken to please answer.
How can Matrix help promote Eco DeFi in China? And in the world?

Ken: We’ve already got a domestic community as well as local SM and we are going to promote EcoGlobal together in China.

Chadwin: Great. Communities working together for the good of both projects is the best form of synergy.

Back to Eco Global and Cho for question 7.
Many village schools in China are being heated with the MATRIX’s Green Mining environmentally friendly mining project.
Will Eco Defi contribute to this project?

Cho: There is no intention to participate in the eco-friendly mining project yet, but if there is a way to participate in the future, there is room for participation

Chadwin: I hope there will be! Would make complete sense for Eco Global to join such a project that has the environment as its focus.

Question 8. A more technical one.
Will it be possible to access the Eco Defi network via MATRIX’s Wormhole?

Cho: It is impossible now.

Chadwin: Impossible is only a word in the dictionary. I am sure there is a way that the technical people from both teams could find a way. At least I hope so.

Cho: You are right.

Chadwin: Question 9 and back to Ken.
Will Eco Defi be able to generate NFTs on the MATRIX network?

Ken: I’m afraid it’s unavailable now, since the Matrix NFT function is still under development.

Cho: I think Eco NFTs will not only be for the Matrix Network. We will get lots of eco business on the NFT business.

Chadwin: Makes sense. First get the basics in place before expanding. Again I think this could be a great advancement for the future.

Back to Cho for Question 10. As is the case with most crypto communities exchange listings are always spoken about. We have combined these questions into one.

It appears you a very passive about exchange listings, do you agree? Have negotiations started for listing on Binance or Coinbase?

Cho: It may seem passive because it is still in the preparation stage, but we can inform you about the listing soon.

Listing on top exchanges is our target, and we have been in touch with them now. Additionally, we belong to BSC eco-system, and we are trying our best to activate our community as well as the token lockup volume. At the same time, we innovate in DeFi so as to attract Binance as well as Coinbase

Chadwin:Great! I am sure this news intrigues both communities.

Question 11.
Would it not be better if the advertising works were done before the product came out?

Cho: We will do our best to continue marketing.

Chadwin: Timing is important and I am sure your team have a ‘bigger picture’ plan.

Back to the technical details for Question 12.
What kind of work will Eco Defi have on the MATRIX blockchain?

Cho: We are a Defi concept project based on BSC so we surely consider adding Matrix to our ecosystem. Matrix as a public chain can load Defi I think we will be sooner or later one of the earliest projects on Matrix chain.

Chadwin: Exciting stuff! A pioneer indeed.

We are almost at the end of the AMA. A final question each for you each before I invite you to leave our community with some final thoughts.

Question 13 for Ken and something always on the minds of the Matrix community.

How is MATRIX’s blockchain used for Eco Global and what advantages does this generate for MAN coin?

Ken: Matrix can supply AI algorithm, computing power and even IoT solutions for ECOP.

eg: Ecop is collecting the wasted/volatilized gasoline in gas stations. In this scene, it needs the IoT solutions which have been created by Steve Deng in the aspect of the early-warning system in metro and high-speed rail.

Chadwin: Wow. A bunch of key points! Use of Matrix technology will always benefit the holders of MAN coin.

Last question for this AMA and for Cho to please answer.

Will we be able to use AI-based environmentally friendly and renewable energy data in the NFT field?

Cho: Sure we are doing it now, AI based bussiness on the Eco offline will be our target. Eco Defi will inlet AI tech of Matrix to detect the carbon emission which can be evidence of Carbon Trading. Additionally, Eco DeFi is supposed to roll out NFT products and we even use Matrix NFT segment.

Chadwin: Impressive! More real world use cases for NFTs. The future sure looks bright

Cho: I think so too.

Chadwin: Before we conclude today’s AMA, I would like to thank Cho and Ken for providing our community with some insight into this new partnership. I would also like to invite Cho to leave our community with some final thoughts regarding your project.

Good luck with your future developments!

That concludes our AMA for today. I trust you have enjoyed it.
Matrix community stay tuned for more exciting developments around the corner!

Thank you Cho and Ken.

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