Invitation for MANAS Stage 1 Demo Test

With reference to the stage 1 roadmap and the progress report, we are inviting community members to join a small scale private test of MANAS (MAN AI Service).

1. Scope of test

The purpose of this test is to demonstrate the process of purchasing and running AI services, which involves logging in, topping up balances, making payments, and selecting and running services.

In the future, we’ll also update API features such as creating AI services, etc. Please note it is not a fully functional platform, and we will have further development in our stage 2 and onwards.

2. What do you need for the test?

You need a clear photo of the front of an inactive credit card. The AI model will automatically identify the card number, expiration date and other information. You may also use other objects to fake a credit card, for example, a piece of paper with a card number written on it, to test the AI model’s accuracy and error rate.

MAN coins are needed in this test and will be returned after the test.

3. What AI involved:

a. Image scanning, auto-partition and locating technology: Use AI to partition an image into different areas and define the function and meaning of each area.

b. Optical character recognition technology: Recognize characters in designated areas using AI, and convert the result into digital information for use and storage.

4. What is special about this Matrix technology?

a. High recognition rate, supporting credit/debit cards of various shapes and from various angles.

b. All character groups recognizable, including card number, expiration date, CVV code, issuing bank and other information.

c. Strong usability: 99.99% success rate in different environments.

5. How do I participate?

Interested community members please send an email with all following information :

1. Title: MANAS Private Test

2. Email Body:

(1) Your name:

(2) Country:

(3) How you can help promote MATRIX and/or optimize MANAS:

3. Deadline : on or before 12 July

4. Send to

5. We will send test accounts to your email