Join Matrix’s Christmas Event

Christmas is here. It is a time to love and to share the joy. We have an online Christmas event organized for you and your friends. Simply follow the link below and you stand a chance to win MAN.

In this event, 20 winners will get 20K MAN, with each of them getting 1K MAN. The mechanism is super simple. All you need is to use your finger tip to share at Twitter and visit our YourTube channel. This event is much happier when your friends can also join and you stand a higher chance to win.

Do not forget to send your valid MAN wallet address in order to get it, if you are picked as the winner. Contact our Admin at Main Group if you have any questions.

The event will end at 2359 of 27 December (Beijing Time). We want you to win, please enjoy it.

Wish you a Merry Christmas.