June Award-winning In-Channel Activation Event

Dear Matrixians,

Don't miss the Award-Winning Event that will take place on the Matrix AI Network Telegram Channels from June 9-22!

A. Event Details:

1. Duration : The event will start on 9 June 2022 and will continue until 22 June 2022 23:59 UTC.

2. Prize: 100 USD

3. Number of Winners: 5

4. Winner Announcement Date: 25 June

5. Award Distribution Date: about 5 July, 2022

6. Our community channels you can join for the event:

i. https://t.me/matrixainetwork

ii. https://t.me/matrixainetworkturkiye

iii. https://t.me/matrixaifrance

iv. https://t.me/NLMatrixAINetwork

v. https://t.me/matrixainetwork_india

During this period, the top five people who are the most active in our groups, complete the tasks and abide by the rules, will be awarded a $MAN prize of 20 USD, respectively.

B. Duties:

1. Follow the Matrix Official Twitter page (https://twitter.com/MatrixAINetwork)

2. Retweet the announcement tweet.

3. Join one of the Telegram Channels mentioned above where you want to participate in the event.

4. Create a new Matrix WebWallet. Being useful on the channel is an active activity,

5. Engage with the community through the Matrix AI Network.

6. Help people and be active in the group.

7. Join group chats and try to gain the most KARMA (reputation) from community residents. Statistics of people attending the event will be evaluated by KARMABOT and Combot.

C. Rules

1. Prize winners must have a MatrixAINetwork wallet. (If you don't have a wallet, you can get a new one at this address.)

2. People who increase their activities in the group by sending spam will be determined through Combot and will not be rewarded. (We want to encourage the event to be organic.)

3. To earn rewards, you must be in one of the telegram channels specified at the end of the reward distribution period.

4. The same person cannot win an award in more than one channel.

5. MATRIX reserves the right to cancel the prize when bot participation is detected.

6. Staff/Vendors of MATRIX are not eligible for this event.

7. Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.

Enjoy the adventure with MATRIX.

KARMABOT: It is an interactive system where you gain karma (reputation) by spreading useful or interesting content to the project. The community can give KARMA to each other according to the contribution and benefit of the person. As your KARMA (reputation) rises, so do your powers that provide connectivity and media access, coin rewards, and other unique items.

Be more useful, increase your KARMA and enjoy the privileges of the team!

How to earn karma?

- Join the discussion

- Help

- Certain raid/shill events - Contributing to the project

How can I use it?

User commands:

+ → Increase a user's hash by 1

- → Decrease a user's hash by 1

/karma @username/id → Get a user's hash (can also work by replying to /hash to a message)

/top or /usertop or /leaderboard → Get top 100 users

COMBOT: Telegram management bot. It keeps analytical data such as users activity, number of messages per day, time spent in groups. In this way, your activity will be evaluated.

You can access your data with the /stat@combot command.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MatrixAINetwork/status/1534888403287908352?s=20

Medium: https://matrixainetwork.medium.com/june-award-winning-in-channel-activation-event-93a6892b44de