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Object Recognition: A Boost to the Efficiency of Digital Synesthesia

Powered by one of MANAS’s core algorithms, object recognition will play a central role in improving digital synesthesia for the Metaverse.

As the Metaverse is an open digital world, it will contain a large number of items and content that aren’t native to the Metaverse. Users won’t be able to identify these based on Metaverse’s native database, and due to their large quantity, users can’t reliably distinguish them using experience and five senses either. Efficiency is paramount to living in a digital world. Therefore, we will need some external AI services for assistance. One good example is MANAS’s image recognition technology, which greatly improves the efficiency of living in the Metaverse by helping users identify an assortment of objects and content. It also supports customizing services through secondary programming to achieve functions such as automatically categorizing objects that have been recognized, adding them to one’s own database and taking actions accordingly. For instance, after recognizing a friend, you will automatically send them a greeting. After recognizing danger, you will automatically avoid them.

At the same time, MANAS’s object recognition can serve as the underlying algorithms for other customized advanced user features. For instance, the auto-capture feature based on MANAS object recognition can single out specific objects from a video and take a screenshot of them. This feature will help people capture those fleeting moments of beauty that happen in the Metaverse.

Thanks to MANAS, digital synesthesia will continue to evolve to enrich people’s experience in the Metaverse.

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