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MANAS: An All-Powerful Assistant for the Metaverse
Service Upgrades Made Possible by the Metaverse

Throughout history, all revolutions in the service industry have been preceded by tech innovations. The popularization of the Internet has brought the service industry online. In 1999, China Merchants Bank rolled out online banking, allowing users to make payments and transfers anywhere and anytime. In recent years, mobile Internet has made service accessible in more scenarios. You can order a McDonald’s takeout on your phone and pick it up from a drive-through without getting off your car. The Metaverse will also break through the boundaries of our current imagination and create endless possibilities.

In the Metaverse, you can create a hamburger of unique flavour for yourself to enjoy, instead of buying it from someone else. Do you need to be a master of culinary arts to do that? Absolutely not.

In the Metaverse, to be creative, all you need is imagination. Leave the rest to the platform! Anything within the power of your imagination can easily be realized, just like in Inception an architect can raise buildings that defy the laws of physics. The hamburger you create online will immediately get 3D printed for you offline so you can enjoy the delicious food of your own creation.

Secondly, sharing will be an important part of the Metaverse. Creation is only step one. The experience is not complete if we don’t share the hamburger with friends. Some people doubt whether taste can be replicated in the Metaverse, as it is a more subtle and complicated sense compared with sight and touch. Can the culinary styles of all different regions in A Bite of China really be replicated in the Metaverse?

The brain in the vat is a thought experiment that has shown us that all senses are the result of nerve pulses stimulating the brain. Taste is also a series of nerve pulses that can be separated and replicated with electric signals in the Metaverse. When brain-machine interfaces are eventually invented in the future, we won’t even need to send stimuli to the taste buds but directly to the neural system, and one will taste the flavour of a hamburger in his mouth. With this ultimate level of customized service, restaurants aren’t likely to receive any complaints. At most, people will complain that there isn’t enough computing power to keep up with the speed of their imagination.

The Metaverse is the perfect medium for the service industry.

Firstly, both share one same ultimate pursuit: experience. The Metaverse provides the venues for experiences, which are magnified to the maximum. The integration of the real and the virtual adds to the experience and makes it all the richer. Services will be accessible anywhere and anytime in the Metaverse like air and water. They will be essential, and the service industry will upgrade into what we call Metaservice.

Furthermore, the purpose of both the Metaverse and the service industry is to supplement lackings. If a product is flawless, there won’t be room for supplementary services. The purpose of the Metaverse is also to supplement the real world. One predominant feature of the Metaverse is that it’s demand-based. In contrast to the industrial era when assembly lines churn out generic products, the Metaverse will usher in the era of customized services.

MANAS: Solution to Metaverse Services

In the future golden age of the Metaverse, services will have two features: customizability and huge demand. To make this happen, the majority of these services won’t come from humans but from AI.

Different from centralized platforms, MANAS adopts a C2C business structure. This is a fully competitive market, which, for users, means better prices. Meanwhile, MANTA’s Auto-ML lowers the barrier to developing services for MANAS. The distributed Matrix AI Network provides scientists with affordable computing power, which also helps keep the pricing competitive for services on MANAS.

As a C2C platform, this platform will be demand-driven. Different from centralized platforms, personalized needs and niche markets can find satisfying solutions here. This way, AI will benefit every aspect of the Metaverse.

MANAS will provide the perfect solutions for the huge amounts of personalized demand in the Metaverse, thus enabling people to better enjoy life in a digital world as well as all the benefits AI creates.

MANAS: Make a better Metaverse

MANAS has already made its APIs public so any Metaverse platform can access AI services on MANAS through these APIs and repurpose MANAS services for the platform’s own users. At the same time, Matrix is actively seeking partnerships with all sorts of Metaverse platforms to gather more Metaverse data to fuel the development of MANAS.

The Metaverse is an industry that’s in rapid growth. It is bound to produce more data than the real world, which could never generate data from all 360 degrees as the Metaverse do. The huge quantities of data make the Metaverse a better training ground for MANAS than the real world. This will help MANAS attract more algorithm scientists and create better AI services. In other words, MANAS will grow as the Metaverse grows. With enough training, Metaverse-born AI will eventually surpass real-world AI and apply itself to scientific research scenarios. For instance, by creating a spacecraft in the Metaverse, we can gain valuable knowledge about spacecraft construction in the real world. Of course, to do this, we need to base the Metaverse data model on the real world, but still, the originality and flexibility of technologies in the Metaverse can’t be matched in the real world. This process will doubtless drive the development of real-world technologies forward.

MANAS will continue to benefit the Metaverse and users in the course of time. Today, we can already use MANAS’s object recognition to improve digital synesthesia and voice recognition to make interactions more efficient in the Metaverse. In the future, as MANAS attracts more and more AI talent to create top-notch AI algorithms and services, the Metaverse will become a better and better experience for users.

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