MANAS Test (Stage 2) Invitation

MANAS platform has reached stage 2. In the June version, community was invited to test the process using one AI service as an example (see In this version, we can see an upgraded version of MANAS with upgrades in both quantitative and qualitative perspectives.

From a quantitative angle, there are 5 AI services available, namely Facial Keypoint Recognition, Identity Recognition, Plants Recognition, Animal Recognition plus the current Credit Card Recognition. Currently, these AI services are trained and provided by Matrix. When it is launched, the operation model would be the AI scientist to provide the algorithms, while the network provides the computing power and data making the platform C2C.

More importantly, from a qualitative angle, we are making the API available for use. Think about different business requiring different AI assistance and they have nowhere to go to, nor the knowledge to train and use. With MANAS, they can simply integrate and call the AI applications in MANAS at ease. By doing so, they can use the service without any AI or technical skills, while the one who provide this service can profit from such.

Education is a big and ever green business. Imagine a primary school science teacher, they can use their school platform and integrate with MANAS using the Plants and Animal Recognition. When the students bring plants or animal figures to class, they can use the AI service and tell what are they. Edutainment is what it is about. Defi has been hot and compliance is a fundamental requirement. Any Defi companies/platform can use the facial recognition and ID recognition as part of the KYC auto process. These are simple and straight forward daily secenarios.

Now, we would like to invite community to have a try. Pease send email with your name, TG ID and why you are so excited about MANAS to on or before 29 September, and we shall arrange the test accounts for you. Have Fun.