MANIA AI-Assisted NFT Trading (part 1)

The NFT market has gone a long way since its birth. To create more liquidity and traction for algorithm scientists’ works, we are not going to develop our own NFT trading market. Instead, we’ll use mainstream NFT platforms to support MANIA’s algorithm NFT trading. To make this possible, we have redesigned our distributed storage and storage file standards in the past three months to meet the minting requirements of mainstream NFT markets. So far, we have completed the relevant tasks so that AI algorithm models on MANIA can be traded in mainstream NFT markets. At the beginning, we choose Ethereum and BSC to support MANIA’s NFT trading. In the following article, we will explain how to trade MANIA algorithm model NFTs in mainstream NFT markets.

Upload Algorithm

1. Visit, and enter the official Matrix Wallet.

2. Go to AI Application —> MANIA, and click Start.

3. Upload an algorithm model and click Submit.

4. Click Confirm.

5. The browser will search for the IPFS hash of the algorithm model and generate a link.

Now, we have an IPFS link compatible with mainstream NFT trading platforms.