MANIA Open for Initial Test

MATRIX has MANIA (MAN Intelligent Authentication), a platform where AI algorithms can be traded like NFT artworks. The arrival of MANIA is significant for Matrix, for the AI industry and for the NFT market.

All functions of MANIA, including authentication, minting NFTs, etc. will require MAN for settlement. This will boost MAN’s liquidity and value.

MANIA’s greatest contribution to the AI industry is consolidating the value foundation of the AI market. When AI scientists no longer worry about their intellectual property getting stolen, they will be more motivated than ever to create.

MANIA will mark the beginning of a new type of asset which carries economic and social value, in contrast to traditional artwork or in-game item NFTs that are priced only for their artistic value. By converting AI algorithms into NFTs, MANIA will immensely expand the user base of NFT and solidify its value foundation. This will truly set off the explosive growth of the NFT market.

To learn more about MANIA, please refer to the links below.—A_New_World_of_the_Integration_of_NFT_and_AI_cn_63.html—A_New_World_of_the_Integration_of_NFT_and_AI_65.html—A_New_World_of_the_Integration_of_NFT_and_AI_67.html—A_New_World_of_the_Integration_of_NFT_and_AI_68.html

As part of deliverables of Stage 2 of MATRIX, we are inviting the community of MATRIX and other members of the AI sphere to join the test. Please note that participation is easy as long as you have a MAN wallet and has little balance in it. The test will be ready between 25 and 27 October. It is the first version for test, certain unexpected hiccups may happen, so please bear with us.

Below is the detailed procedures. To lower the barrier for test, a sample code is prepared to mint an AI algorithm using MANIA. Please enjoy and start to envision the huge potential it will bring.

MANIA test guidelines and procedures