MANTA GitHub Update 5

Dear Community Members,

For the past 4 weeks, we have uploaded 4 modules of codes of MANTA. This week, it comes the fifth module, i.e. Front-end Interaction Module and Backend Operation Module. It has 574 lines of codes. The files are shown as below :

The front-end interaction module provides a Web UI for users to access and manage the system. The key functions contains two parts, i.e. Reasoning and Training. When the reasoning function is used, one can select a trained model from the model bank, and upload testing data then it will start to function. The user can store the result in the local machines. Training, however, is used for defining a training GPU node, depth estimation structure, size of test and learning rates etc. Upon submitting the training request, the backend operation module will take care of it. A user can check and download the training logs.

The back-end operation module executes the tasks from front-end module. Such tasks includes reasoning and training. For reasoning tasks, the backend will send a blocking request script, and the front-end will wait and display the reasoning result when it is done. For training tasks, the backend will send a concurrent independent training script. When the training progresses, a users can still use the front-end to check training logs or start new tasks etc.

Please visit for the relevant codes.

Enjoy the adventure with MATRIX.