Mainnet Performance

Validation nodes: 84

Mining nodes: 1466

New wallets added: 442

Project Update

-Increased the number of core applications on MANAS to 5;

-Developed the API accessing function for MANAS;

-Designed the MANIA contract and produced its first iteration;

-Developed a monitoring system for the convergence of AutoML algorithms and the precision of models on MANTA;

-Designed the distributed storage for the network model files resulting from distributed AutoML on MANTA.


We have finished designing the MANIA contract and produced its first iteration.

MANIA is the world’s first service platform integrating NFT and AI algorithm models. The intellectual property protection and real-world application of algorithm models have always been a challenge for the AI industry. MANIA has come up with the perfect solution by bringing together algorithm models and NFT. In contrast to traditional art-based NFTs whose value foundation is entirely subjective, algorithm-model NFTs can be used to create material value for society.