Mainnet Performance

Validation node: 86

Mining node: 1501

New wallets added: 217

Project Update

— Launched MANAS phase-2 beta testing;

— Fixed a bug that can cause failures to access services after user login;

— Increased the algorithm types for minting NFTs, now supporting not only Python but also code files;

— Refined the MANTA user interface;

— Added a monitoring function for when accessing the node GPUs on MANTA;

— Formed a strategic partnership with NULS.


We have launched a beta test version for MANTA.

MANTA is a crucial piece in the ecosystem Matrix is building. Miners can lease out their spare computing power on MANTA, and developers can supply MANAS with more independent services through MANTA. This beta test version of MANTA brings us one step closer to a fully fledged Matrix 2.0.