Matrix Fact Sheet 11

65- Matrix’s IPFS storage is an important part of the infrastructure of Web 3.0. It is responsible for storing Web 3.0’s content and access protocols. Just like the cloud storage services we are used to today, distributed storage will become the essential infrastructure for storing and distributing content in the future.

66- Focus and #BUIDL

Work with major platforms for NFT trading 99%

Completed instruction manuals for all mainstream platforms.

67- MATRIX’s Secure Virtual Machine can detect attacks on transactions by providing AI-backed vulnerability detection with fault-tolerant protocols.

Before a transaction is initiated, the MATRIX Secure Virtual Machine proactively selects a safe checkpoint in anticipation of a complication. If an issue does emerge, the MATRIX Secure Virtual Machine is easily able to perform a rollback to ensure that the address and state of the Intelligent Contract is as it was prior to the compromised transaction. This avoids malicious consequences.

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