Matrix Fact Sheet 14

73- "POW or POS, why choose one over the other? Matrix has believed it's about finding the right balance of both - hybrid PoW + PoS since the end of 2017"

74- Matrix CEO Owen Tao was invited to a forum themed ‘The Opportunities and Challenges of Web 3.0’, where he delivered a keynote speech titled ‘"Matrix: The Nuclear Energy for Web 3.0"

Owen took the opportunity to share his view on Web 3.0 and the #Metaverse and explored cooperation opportunities with other attendants.

75- TBEA plans to build a total of 55 5G stations with Matrix providing AI algorithms and tech support for around 30 use scenarios including 5G #AI #robot patrol, #5G auto-pilot, 5G AI hazard sensing and 5G AI #drone patrol.