Matrix Fact Sheet 16

79- An important component of Matrix 2.0 is on-demand computing resources.

The Matrix AI Network blockchain is the foundation that will enable connected nodes to grow into a flexible global supercomputing network.

This massive computing network will provide a long-term boost to the development of artificial intelligence.

80- 4 September, MATRIX co-hosted a forum themed From Web 2.0 to 3.0 with a joint effort from Garage Café, the world’s first start-up themed coffee shop, Web 3.0 Notes and Avatar DAO.

The forum was held at Garage Café drawing attention from organizations, media and individuals including IBM, OKX, Jinse, Guosen Securities, China Artist association and more who are passionate about Web 3.0 or #Metaverse .

Our CEO, Owen, delivered a keynote speech and joined a panel discussion in the event. He had a detailed discussion with the participants and welcomed all to tap into any possibilities with MATRIX.

81- Here are some usage scenarios with the Matrix AI and TBEA partnership. Stay tuned.

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