Matrix Fact Sheet 18

84- As #Industry 4.0 and #Smart Energy continue to revolutionise the industrial, manufacturing and #energy sectors. Society will be more dependent on #AI than ever before, and all this will create countless opportunities for MANITO.

85- Completed the first draft of the new Roadmap.

Are you ready for the new roadmap?

86- The Matrix Mainnet has been online for almost 4 years and we have never met any type of smart contract attacks.

87- "MANTA guidebook is on the way." - CEO, Owen Tao

MANTA is an auto-machine learning platform built on MATRIX Mainnet.

88- Matrix will continue to optimise certain core algorithms and solutions created for projects and convert them into general-purpose solutions available on MANITO.

In the future, clients can visit MANITO and directly benefit from these services, which will of course all be powered by computing power from the Matrix MainNet.

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