Matrix Fact Sheet 19

89- In the future, clients can visit MANITO and directly benefit from these services, which will of course all be powered by computing power from the Matrix MainNet.

90- With the help of MANTA, it will be much easier to train AI algorithms and build deep neural networks. This will attract more algorithm scientists to join The Matrix and diversify the AI ​​algorithms and services available on the platform.

91- Matrix provides computing power for the #Metaverse through the separation of computation and consensus.

92- Here are some of the features of the unique Matrix AI blockchain.

93- MAN Halving is just 349,843 blocks away!!

There is a 15% reduction in rewards for every 3 millionth block generated.

Like with #Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies featuring #PoW mining, #MAN output is designed to gradually decrease in order to bring up production cost and the value of $MAN

Compared with #Bitcoin , #Matrix has adopted a smoother reduction curve and a rising price model for $MAN

94- There is no doubt that Web 3.0 must become mainstream. Challenges such as accessibility, usability, and interoperability may still delay this a bit. However, Matrix AI provides possible solutions to all these. Stay tuned.

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