MATRIX Fact Sheet 3


Matrix Bio-Wallet is a point-based finger vein recognition wallet to store your crypto assets. It will support various features built on Matrix Mainnet.

Matrix Bio-Wallet outperforms other crypto wallets in terms of security, efficiency, and transaction fees. It is clear that the Bio-Wallet will be an important part of the Matrix ecosystem and will guarantee a secure transaction and identification for services on the Matrix platforms.


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The Matrix eco-system is getting stronger!


AIRTIST delivers the power of the NFTs into your pocket by combining AI, crypto-wallet, and other web 3.0 technologies. Blockchain-powered decentralized art platform.


MAN's new ecosystem project AIRTIST is a decentralized platform for creation and ownership of robotic artists (AI Artists) and digital artworks generated by AI Artists.


Matrix AI Network works in harmony with other popular blockchains.

MAN is building the future of blockchain. Stay tuned