MATRIX Fact Sheet 4

25 - Matrix Bio-Wallet uses finger vein recognition to verify the users identity. It is both credible and decentralized. Since each Bio-Wallet is a vessel that contains a user's DID information, a system of these can provide accurate identification while guaranteeing privacy and ease of use.

DID will be the foundation of tomorrow's Internet, and the Matrix Bio-Wallet is the missing piece of this puzzle!

26- With Decentralized ID, one would no longer have to worry about one’s privacy.

The Matrix Bio-Wallet is a point-based finger vein recognition wallet for storing your crypto assets. It will support various features built on the Matrix Mainnet.

Bio-Wallet will work compatible with matrix wallet and matrix mobile wallet. Stay Tuned

27- Bio-Wallet is under development. Are you ready for the revolution in blockchain history?

28- not long now

29- Focus and #BUIDL!

Focus of the next phase:

· Supporting #NFT minting on #Solana

· Supporting #Polygon and other public chains

· Supporting more mainstream NFT platforms.

30- Focus and #BUIDL!

Focus of the next phase:

· Developing and testing multi-task deployments

· Developing and testing compatibility with mainstream hardware

· Upgrading to support any universal #machinelearning algorithm.

31- Focus and #BUIDL!

Focus of the next phase:

· Allowing computing power from devices other than mining machines to enter the ecosystem in future updates;

· Developing more ecosystem apps and finding more partnerships based on the above feature.

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