Matrix FactSheet 9

58- Matrix is creating a #blockchain data platform where users both enterprise and individual can share their data and receive rewards.

Data owners receive rewards by uploading data. #AI model owners use the #data to train their AI models. Matrix 2.0 is suitable for both individual and enterprise users.

59- Matrix adopts privacy-preserving computation (PPC) to safeguard algorithms from theft. With its help, algorithm scientists can provide #AI services for profit and rest assured that no one will steal away their ideas.

The workflow of MANIA consists of the following parts: #algorithm creation, distributed storage, #blockchain authentication and #NFT #minting.

60- Matrix Android Wallet v2 is ready for testing.

61- DID is the most valuable innovation made possible by Web 3.0.

Thanks to features such as immutability and hash encryption, decentralised identity (DID), a previously impossible way of creating digital identities has become available.

Matrix AI contributes to the development of Web 3.0 with the solutions it develops.

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