MATRIX Share and Win

Dear Matrixians,

Now it's time for more awareness and new engagements for #MatrixAINetwork. Let's show the power of our community together.

A. Event Details:

1. Duration : 14 April (14:00 UTC) - 28 April (23:59 UTC)

2. Prize : $100 MAN

3. No. of Winners : 5

4. Date of Winner Announcement : 30 April

5. Date of Prize Distribution : about 5 May, 2022

6. Judgement Criteria: Innovative comments about MATRIX.

B. Tasks:

1. Follow the Matrix Official Twitter page (

2. Tag 5 of your friends on Twitter.

3. Comment why you follow MATRIX (example see below).

4. Use the $man #man #MatrixAINetwork #MatrixArmy tags.

5. Join the Matrix Official TG community (

6. Fill the form and done

C. Rules

1. Winners will be notified by e-mail.

2. By joining this event, you agree to the data collection process. Please rest assured that it will not be shared elsewhere, but for this event only.

3. Obligation to stay at TG during the event period.

4. MATRIX reserves all rights in this events.

5. Terms and Condition is subject to change without prior notice.