Matrix——Catalyst for the AI Big Bang (Part 3)

Market Value of MANTA

Whether for the burgeoning AI industry or for blockchain, MANTA is an epoch-making product with exceptional creativity and social benefit.

The Crypto Mining Disruptor

With the blockchain industry gaining huge traction, some people have claimed blockchain to be the single greatest invention of the 21st century. But despite its luring promises, this industry is also plagued by huge wastes of energy and computing power associated with mining. Forward-thinking individuals and organizations have been crying for “mining with public benefit”, and here comes MANTA to save the day.

Auto-Machine Learning is the core of MANTA. Not only does this AI technology make mining beneficial to the society, its distributed cloud computing also helps to put idle computing power to efficient use, thus saving us a lot of resources. In the future, we expect MANTA to inspire more PoW-based blockchain projects to redesign their consensus mechanism, or they may directly connect to MANTA. Hash computing will be replaced with a more socially beneficial way of mining.

The Catalyst for the Cambrian Explosion of AI

Today, most AI algorithms are trained through machine learning, which has two challenges:

High entry barrier. Like with the Internet, the explosive growth of the mobile economy was made possible only by the popularization of programming languages, which brought more software engineers than ever into designing mobile apps;Expensive computing power. Today, most companies and individuals have varying degrees of demand for AI services, but few can afford the high cost. The arrival of MANTA is expected to change this situation.

One core feature of MANTA is machine learning. This will effectively lower the barrier to machine learning and bring people with basic computer knowledge but no sophisticated AI background on board. This way, people with creative ideas will be able to design their own AI applications and services without having to become masters of AI programming. Small companies will be able to launch AI services without recruiting more staff. AI will see a diversity of new uses as more people participate.

The other core feature of MANTA is distributed learning based on idle computing power on Matrix’s network and marketplace. As idle computing power will be cheaper than what centralized providers can offer, companies will no longer need to spend a fortune building their own AI training platforms or renting such services. This cost-efficient way of training AI models will give companies an edge over competitors, and more and more corporate clients will be interested in what the AI market has to offer.

A lower entry barrier, more participants together with diversified algorithms and services, all thanks to MANTA, will pave the way for the Cambrian explosion of AI.

The Cornerstone for the Digital Society

The advent of the mobile economy has brought us into an increasingly digitalized society. Maybe in the not-too-distant future, everyone will have a digital version of himself/herself, and AI will be our most trustworthy assistant in the digital world.

Every client will appreciate services customized to his/her individual needs. The same is true when it comes to AI services, but due to cost efficiency limitations, this remains a dream, and MANTA aims to turn this into a reality. Since MANTA can deliver users from data privacy worries and the impossible task of mastering AI programming, it will enable people to train their own AI models and create personalized AI services. This will help us move into a highly efficient future society where everyone has access to personalized services, thus eliminating resource waste caused by service centralization.