Matrix AI Network — Summary of Progress Report

1. The upgrade of our wallet

It supports the NFT, including the asset management and the Wormhole protocol which is to increase the liquidity of Matrix. It is already deployed.

2. The upgrade of browser

It supports NFT as well, for example the search and also the transaction logs. It has been deployed.

3. Prototype of BioWallet

This an add-on, and given it's an add-on. We have the first demo showcasing creating a wallet and signing a transaction, abs also a second demo about minting an NFT.

It is more than just a security. It also serves as an identity in a crypto world.


MANTA stands for Matrix AI Network Training Assistant. It includes the Auto Machine Learning, which is trying to lower the barriers for those who do not have the technical background in AI, and distributed spare computing power, including the GPU mining.

And we have now the single node testing done and we are going to have multi node mining as well. We will have a video demonstration on this.


We are trying to build a decentralized AI service platform. Instead of a B2C perspective, we are trying to look at it from a C2C angle. With C2C, we can leverage all the creativity or knowledge or wisdom of the whole world to make AI work instead of relying on one sole platform.

We will have one demo ready for test. In the demo we will have one AI application, and the purpose is to run through the whole process including the upload, the creation, the use and also the payment, etc


We do deliver what we promised in the roadmap for the stage 1, and we will continue for the stage 2

Everything we do, we do have strategy behind.

We need you, each member of you, to spread the word for us so that more will appreciate the beauty of Matrix AI Network.