Matrix AI Network integration tutorials — Part 1.1: Converting an MAN address to ETH address (JS, NodeJS), Beginner level

by Delbypoc

I’m under no circumstances a Javascript professional (or a JS Ninja/Expert)!

The code is not production ready! (only for learning purposes)

In this guide, I’m going to show you how to convert an MAN address (Mainnet) to an ETH address.

You can find the article which shows how to convert an ETH to a MAN address here (and the prerequisites I use):

Let’s start programming!

I will start by creating a function that checks if the address we provided is VALID (has valid characters, we will use regex for that, make sure that the provided address starts with MAN, matches ‘.’, then it is followed by a string of 21–29 characters: a…Z, A…Z, 0…9 (matches 21–29 times, after MAN.)):

Also, we will check for cyclic redundancy:

Then we will decode the address (base 58 encoded string, without the last Character) then convert it to hex and add 0x before it:

Whole program (

For ‘MAN.2LSfiVSmKx8PD9YUbdVGuHEhDY3Jz’ it should return ‘0x5fd71cf221e450e619638338bd21871229835261’

For ‘MAN.2LSfiVSmKx8PD9YUbdVGuHEhDY3JzO’ it should return ‘MAN.2LSfiVSmKx8PD9YUbdVGuHEhDY3JzO is not a valid MAN address’

For more documentation on the packages used, you can check:

Also, check out the official Matrix AI Network Developer Portal: